Renee-chan's Power Rangers Alterniverse Notes

OK, folks, here's the deal. As you may have guessed from reading "Forget Me Not" (if you read it...) I have created a whole alternate Universe that (for the most part) runs parellel to the original. Ie. - the basic times that major events happen are roughly the same, but my take on them is somewhat different. Now, in FMN, I hinted at a team of Rangers that existed _before_ the Lightstar Rangers roamed the cosmos - namely Zhane's father Randi. In my mind, I made up the rest of this team and dubbed them "Darkstar Rangers". I really liked the characters I'd created and some of the situations they ended up in. However, I really _really_ didn't want to write background fics to explain _every_ little detail of this little alterniverse that I'd written up. So, I came up with my little note blurbs. ^_^ You guessed it - these are them. They explain everything from why the Earth Ranger Powers can be transferred, to why Zordon (a famed, all-powerful-being type) seems to be so tactically-challenged, for lack of a better word. Hope you find this stuff useful - I intend to write fics about some of it at a later date... ^_^ Ja!

Bonding With The Power

In every generation, there are Space Rangers and there are various teams of Planet Rangers. The Space Rangers are selected because they have the potential to fully bond with the Power, mind, body, and soul. This means that they can never lose their power, and if they are in desperate need, they can use the power, and even morph, without any external assistance. This is only true of those who fully bond with the Power (as opposed to those who only Carry it for its rightful owners). These Carriers (even people destined to bond fully with the Power) can use the Power of other Rangers, but they can't ever fully use the Power, nor can they use it without permission of its rightful owner.

Planet Rangers can also fully bond with the Power, but many do not. There is generally not a need, nor someone who can explain how to do it clearly enough to facilitate the bonding. At the current moment, there is only one Planetary Ranger who is full-bonded with his power: Prince Trey of Triforia, the Gold Ranger. On Earth, there are several people who have the potential to full-bond with the Power in the same manner, but they have not been shown how, as of yet.

Another main difference between the two ways to use the Power is that the Power of a fully-bonded Ranger can _never_ be stolen. Their morphing devices can be taken (thus making the morph more difficult), but the Power itself can never be taken. This is how the Green Planetary Power was originally stolen by Rita Repulsa. It was utilized by a Carrier many centuries ago, thus giving Rita a chance to steal it. Tommy, though no one could really tell at the time, was destined to be able to full-bond with the Green Power. However, since the Power was as tainted as it was by Rita's influence, no one could sense the potential to do this in Tommy until it was too late. Since he was not full-bonded to his powers, Rita was able to steal them a second time. (Note: None of this was figured out until Aerin (the Green Space Ranger) got involved in the fight again. She is currently trying to figure out a way to recharge the Green Planet Power to give Tommy a chance to full-bond with his Power the way he couldn't do earlier.)

Ranger Teams

The main difference between the Space Ranger team and the Planetary Ranger teams are numbers. A Space Ranger Team is composed of six Rangers: five normal, and one "metallic" (ie. - Zhane, the Silver Ranger). Planetary Rangers are generally only composed of five Rangers, of whatever colors are available. The only constant that passes through every generation of Space _and_ Planetary Rangers is that every team has a Red Ranger - the Leader, though in a Space Team, the metallic colored Ranger can lead in a pinch.

The current Space Ranger team, the Lightstar Rangers, consists of two fully-bonded Rangers (Andros and Zhane, the Red and Silver Rangers). The former Turbo Rangers that will join them may have the potential to full-bond to their respective Powers, but the theory has not yet been tested.

The Darkstar Rangers

Before the Lightstar Rangers, the Space Rangers were called Darkstar Rangers. The first Darkstar Ranger to fully-bond with the Power was the Green Ranger. Her name was Aerin, youngest daughter of the Prime Minister of Altiyar (at the tender age of 311 ^_^) - this happened 200 years ago. With no team to fight with, Aerin teamed up with Prince Trey of Triforia. Although Trey was a Planetary Ranger, the full-bond he had with the Gold Power gave him the ability to fight in Space. The two were a team for nearly 200 years. Around 23 years ago, Aerin began to feel a pull towards KO-35 and left Trey to head over there. The pull she felt was the call of a team member. Any full-bonded Ranger can sense the potential of others to become full-bonded Rangers, but when the person in question is destined to be one of their own team the feeling is extremely intensified.

When Aerin reached KO-35, she found a young man named Randi - a 20 year old who identified very strongly with (of all colors...) Pink. Though it was a pink so dark it was closer to Magenta or Red than Pink, Randi was still horrified when he was informed of his color orientation. He kept asking Aerin if they could switch colors - they could use spray paint and no one would ever notice. Aerin found it extremely amusing and refused him at every turn. Over the next year, the two grew very close - close enough that Randi asked Aerin if she would consent to have a child with him. Aerin had no desire to raise a baby, or spend the rest of Randi's life with him and so refused. Randi clarified - he didn't want to marry Aerin, or ask her to raise the baby - but _he_ wanted a child and couldn't have one by himself. After many months of pleading, Aerin finally consented. Randi named the baby Zhane. The minute he was born, Aerin and Randi knew he was destined to bond with the Silver - a color not meant for their team, but for their successors. They prepared him as well as they could, hoping to ease the stress of the bonding at such a young age.

Later that year, Randi came across a young couple that he'd known from school - two of his best friends, in fact. Roland and Decka were a perfectly matched set. Decka created incredible works of technological wonder and Roland tested them out and created strategies for their use. Sadly enough, Decka's technological genius was forced to a warrior's bend by the increasing threat Dark Spectre made to their galaxy. Her most recent creation, the Astro Megaship, was intended as a gift to the new Ranger Team, to make their travel easier. What a shock it was when Aerin boldly announced that she hoped the young couple liked their new creation since they'd soon be using it an awful lot. Roland and Decka full-bonded with the Red and Purple (respectively) that very evening.

Roland assumed leadership of the Rangers and the four were completely happy - or as happy as they could be while fighting Dark Spectre. Decka continued to work on the Astro Megaship, developing an artificial intelligence system so that the ship could be run with little or no crew. As the thing was developed, Randi started to notice that the computer gentle, yet biting attitude was very similar to Decka, herself. He jokingly started referringly to the AI as "DECA" - a Darned Efficient Computer Aboard. Much to Decka's horror, the name stuck.

A year later, when the fighting settled down (and Zhane was just past one), the four Rangers returned to KO-35. Decka was soon pregnant with her first child - or perhaps I should say children. Andros and Karone were born without mishap, almost exactly 9 months later. The four settled into a semi-retirement, only leaving KO-35 to make token tours of the galaxy to look for their missing two team members: the White Ranger and the Platinum Ranger. The White Ranger was the only one they found. Darin was a young officer in the Eltarian army. The higher-ups on Eltar decided that with his superior military training, he'd make a better leader for the Rangers than Roland had. No one, especially Aerin, was pleased with this decision, but to keep peace, they bowed to it. Darin was never as good a Leader as Roland had been and the whole situation caused unnecessary friction in the team.

Aerin decided she was fed up with the whole business - Darin led them into far more bad scrapes than was necessary and she couldn't take it anymore. Having 200 more active years under her belt than the others she made a formal protest to Eltar. When it was refused, in a rage, she resigned her position as a Darkstar Ranger and swore _never_ to use her powers again for as long as Darin remained in charge of the team. Stealing a small shuttle, she vowed to lose herself in the cosmos where no one would ever find her again. Tragically for the other Rangers, she was right.

Three years after the twins' birth, and four years after Darin's addition to the team and Aerin's resignation, Karone was kidnapped by Darkonda - a bounty hunter who occasionally worked for Dark Spectre. Decka and Roland were devastated - she'd been kidnapped from their own backyard - but no one took the news harder than Andros, their other child. He'd been there when she'd been kidnapped and had been completely traumatized by the incident. First was the realization that his home wasn't the safe haven he'd thought it to be, his parents and their fellow Rangers weren't as invincible as he thought they'd been, and then was the reality that his precious twin sister (who meant more to him than his own young life) had been brutally ripped away from him without even a chance to say goodbye. They tried to comfort him, but he withdrew more and more from them every day. The only one who could get him to talk at all was Randi's five year old son, Zhane.

And just as their careful handling of him was beginning to help him get over the trauma, an even worse tragedy struck. Ecliptor, one of Dark Spectre's most loyal servants, slipped through KO-35's defensive line with an army of Quantrons and Velocifighters. They had one goal: take out the Red and Purple Rangers. And they succeeded. Roland and Decka were dead before they could even morph.

The odd thing about a soul... what the whole thing boils down to is a bunch of electrical currents and impulses. Much like an AI system. DECA, who'd been monitoring the fight, saw the Purple Ranger's soul leave her body and "caught" it to try to converse with it. Much to their mutual surprise, it worked. And with their personalities being so compatible, it was possible for Decka to, in essence, merge with the computer. (Over the years, the merge would become more and more complete, forcing Decka to forget that she'd ever been anything but the Astro Megaship computer.) As soon as the dust cleared from the battle, Decka contacted Randi to explain the situation and beg him to find Andros. They failed to do so.

The Fate of the Individual Darkstar Rangers

Aerin: Semi-retired, settled on Earth

Roland: Killed by Ecliptor

Decka: Killed by Ecliptor, merged with DECA

Darin: Becomes "Zordon" and forms the new team of Earth Rangers

Randi: Dies from battle wounds after finding the Silver and Red Lightstar Rangers (Zhane and Andros)

My Take On "Zordon"

For the purposes of this story, the basic concept of who and what Zordon is has been slightly altered. In this universe, Zordon is not really a person, more of a title. The person behind "Zordon" changes every 100 years or so and is generally a former White Ranger. Darin, horrified by the constant deaths and disappearance of his team members (not to mention their obvious lack of faith in him), agrees to become the next Zordon when the old one retires. He does this out of a need to "prove" himself to his former team, and to himself. While he does do somewhat better as Zordon than he did as the White Ranger, Darin is still not the most brilliant of strategists. For example: he doesn't recognize Jason and Billy for who and what they really are. Jason, can be forgiven - he doesn't look much like his mother (^_^ - don't worry, I'll get there...), but Billy was destined to be a member of _Darin's_ team and thus "Zordon" should have recognized him. His blatant disregard of Billy's abilities and his willingness to settle on "Carriers" for the Power rather than searching to find those who could full-bond with it, shows an incredible lack of foresight on his part.

A Basic Timeline

These dates are approximate, and given in Earth Years. If several events are listed for one year, they are given in order of occurance, even if no months are given.

1484: Aerin, youngest daughter of the Prime Minister of Altiyar is born.
1795: Aerin becomes the Green Darkstar Ranger and teams up with Trey of Triforia.
1957: Randi is born on KO-35
1959: Roland and Decka are born on KO-35
1961: Darin is born on Eltar.
1976: Aerin goes to KO-35

: Randi becomes the Pink Ranger
: Roland and Decka are married.
1977: Zhane is born on KO-35
: Roland and Decka become the Red and Purple Darkstar Rangers
1978: Darin of Eltar becomes the White Darkstar Ranger
: Aerin goes into semi-retirement and leaves KO-35 for Earth, the one place in the cosmos that she figures no one will look for her. Later that year, she marries an Englishman named Everett Scott.
1979: Andros and Karone are born on KO-35, Jason is born on Earth (England), to Aerin and Everett.
1981: The four Turbo Rangers (who become Space Rangers) are born. [T.J., Cassie, Ashley, Carlos]
1982: Karone is kidnapped by Darkonda.
: Roland dies, Decka dies and is "absorbed" into DECA.
~somewhere in here, Darin becomes "Zordon"~
1989: Randi dies, Zhane and Andros become the Silver and Red Lightstar Rangers.
1994: Zordon and Alpha go to Earth, Jason, Billy, Zack, Trini, and Kimberly become Power Rangers.
*94/95 - Jason, Zack and Trini go to the Peace Conference
1996: Zhane is badly injured and put into cryogenic sleep.
*: Zeo Quest, etc.
*: Jason becomes a Carrier for the Gold Power, Aerin once again takes up her role as the Green Darkstar Ranger.
1998: Ex-Turbo Rangers go into Space.

*These are dates that I'm not quite sure of - in reality there may have been more or less time between these events than I've portrayed. The truth is, though, this is my alternate Universe, so I can mess around with the dates as much as I want! ^_^ Also, these dates (specifically those involving the transfer of the Gold Powers and Aerin's re-emergance as the Green Darkstar Ranger) may be subject to change. I have a few other ideas I'd like to mess around with concerning who the Earthers were who were _supposed_ to full-bond with the Earth Ranger Powers, and whatever happened to the Platinum Darkstar Ranger, and I'm not sure how I'd fit all that into the timeline I've created... ^^;; *sighs* Oh well...

More to come as I think of it... (And yes, I did deliberately leave out some tidbits, or cruelly hint at them without giving real information. (ie. - the Platinum Ranger) I left out these tidbits, because I am either in the process of writing (or planning)those fics. Don't want to give out spoilers now, do I? ^_^)

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