3/4/08: Meh. So, OK -- I donít really like this song, Iím not sure how it ended up on my Winamp... and one throwaway in a list of 10 drabbles isnít so bad, is it?

8. Poison Arrow -- ABC
by Renee-chan

Charlie was forced to admit that he didnít understand. There were so many ways in which he and Bailey were complete and total opposites and he really should be used to that by now. But this one... he just didnít get it. A football scholarship could mean the difference in Bailey being able to go to college or not. But his stubborn younger brother just didnít seem to want what was best for him. And the fact that he couldnít understand that seemed to be forming an ever-widening rift between them. It was killing him. But he just didnít see what was so wrong about wanted his little brother to not have to suffer for once. Just for once for him to have something come easily his way. Was that really so much to ask?

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