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7. Purachina -- Maaya Sakamoto
by Renee-chan

Charlie couldn’t quite believe his ears. He and Bailey and Claudia had been sitting in the living room together, all engaged in their own activities, when a simple request on his part had torn the whole night apart. He had looked at the clock and realized that it was heading towards the time of night when his 11 year old sister should go to bed and he’d suggested that she do so. Her reaction was understandable. No 5th grader ever wanted to go to sleep when told. No, it was Bailey’s reaction that he found so very incomprehensible.

When he’d tried to assert his authority, Bailey had turned on him in a fit of what he could only call righteous indignation. He’d railed at him about the essential truth that he wasn’t needed or wanted as a father, just as a source of income. And those words, coming from the brother who had once adored him above all others, they cut him to the quick.

But what hurt even more was what he had heard after he had stormed out of the room. Bailey quietly telling Claudia to wash up for bed and Claudia, no questions asked, complying. What was it about Bailey that he had stepped into that role so easily? He was a miracle-worker with Owen, Claudia followed his directives without question... he could even guilt Julia into doing some of the work around the house. It was as though he’d been playing father to the three of them for far longer than the few weeks that it had been. And how was Charlie to compete with that? Especially when the one person that he really wanted to rely on him, the one that he most wanted to look up to him again, was the one that had just so forcefully told him that his input wasn’t needed, just his ability to earn a paycheck.

It was at that moment that Charlie Salinger resolved to do better. He had to. Because facing that disdain in his brother’s eyes again would destroy him more surely than taking on a job that he didn’t enjoy ever could.

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