4. She’s Got a Way – Billy Joel
by Renee-chan

Owen was crying. Again. It was only his third night of actually living in the old Salinger house and Charlie was already heartily tired of that sound. He groggily stared at the clock and nearly groaned out loud when he read the numbers -- 2:00 AM... again. Wearily he pulled himself out of bed and threw on a robe... then nearly gave himself heart failure when he saw the figure at the foot of his bed.

“Who’s there?”

The figure didn’t even look up as he lifted Owen from his crib, “It’s just me, Charlie. Go back to sleep.”

Bailey. Of course, it was Bailey. Charlie sat back down on the bed with a groan, “Why did I ever think it was a good idea to move his crib in here?”

His brother didn’t even bother to answer as he carried Owen over to their mother’s old rocking chair and settled in with him. Owen soon quieted under Bailey’s care and slowly started drifting back off to sleep. Charlie couldn’t help but wonder where his teenaged brother had picked up such skill. For it was undeniably there. There was such a soothing presence about him... Amazing, really, that he’d never noticed it before.

Bailey rose from the rocking chair and lowered Owen back into his crib. Only then did he turn and raise an eyebrow at his older brother, “Don’t tell me you’re waiting for me to rock you back to sleep, too, Charlie. There’s no way we’d both fit in the chair.”

Charlie stared at him for a moment before throwing a pillow at his head. Bailey just laughed and scampered back out the door, calling, “Good night, Charlie!”

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