2. Blaze of Glory -- Bon Jovi
by Renee-chan

Charlie had never felt so bereft in his entire life. Not with Rebecca. Not with his parents. Never. And the truly ironic thing was that he hadn’t lost anyone. Not really. It was his brother who was grieving. And the loss was slowly destroying him. It had taken time, too much time, for Bailey to recover from their parents’ death, to smile again like he had as a child. It wasn’t fair. He had lost so very much in the last year, it seemed that now that he had finally managed to find a small piece of happiness to truly call his own the world had just been determined to take it away from him.

The others didn’t fully understand what was going on with their brother – neither did Charlie for that matter. All they knew was that the center of their family was suddenly out of balance. Charlie hadn’t fully realized until this newest tragedy exactly how much the precarious balance that their world rested on depended on his little brother. In retrospect, however, it shouldn’t have surprised him so completely. If you asked any of the speaking members of the Salinger family who their favorite sibling was, all three of them would answer “Bailey”. It wouldn’t really surprise him if Owen felt the same way, too, once he could talk. And now that Bailey wasn’t “there”... they were all feeling it.

Charlie could only hope that he could find some way to reach his brother before his grief over Jill’s death broke him completely. Because one thing was for certain... that would be one loss that this family would never recover from.

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