Notes: I'm messing with the timeline a bit, in this fic. In the real Voltron universe, Sven is critically injured and taken to planet Ebb fairly shortly after the beginning of the series. For obvious reasons (once you start reading the fic), he needs to stick around a bit longer. ^_^ So, I'm sticking a few months in between when the new Castle of Lions is brought to the surface and when Sven is injured. *impish grin* Hey - I'm the fic author, I can do whatever the heck I want, ne? ^_^

Untitled Voltron lime teaser
by Renee-chan

*Everyone runs and hides, but Renee-chan grabs Keith and Sven before they can get too far. Both whimper and plead to be released, but Renee-chan just tucks one under each arm and drags them off to start the fic. WAI! ^_^*

Keith stared hard at the punching bag he was pummeling, as if it might give him some sort of an answer for the problems he was facing. His breath was coming in huge gasps as he fought to retain control of his roiling emotions. *Keep it together, Keith - just keep it together. It'll all be OK... just stay calm.*

The truth of the matter was that he didn't even know what was bothering him so much. True, it had been a hard won battle to protect Arus. True, it had been a difficult task to locate all five lions and form Voltron. True, it was tasking to deal with the Princess Allura and her doting advisor. All that aside... it had worked out. His team was settled into life at the Castle of Lions, Zarkon and the Doom Empire had backed off for the time being, and everyone was enjoying a moment's respite. So why did his world feel so much as if it were spinning out of control?

He gave the punching bag one last whack, then allowed himself to sag down onto the floor beside it, legs stretched out in front of him and arms bracing his weight from behind. He continued to take in huge gulps of air, trying to ease his raging heartbeat. He hated when he felt like this. It didn't happen often, that was true... but the loss of control over his emotions and his self was always disturbing.

He looked up, momentarily startled, when he heard the door to the training room open. In spite of his state of mind, Keith had to smile when he saw the intruder - Pidge just had that sort of effect on him. Though he was the youngest of all of them, he was undoubtedly also the smartest, and a valuable asset to the team. It was just like having a kid brother around... without all the disadvantages. He raised his arm and waved, "Hey, Pidge!"

Pidge turned from where he was setting up the uneven bars to give him a friendly wave back, "Afternoon, Keith! How goes it?"

Keith hauled himself to his feet, grabbed his towel, and headed towards the other side of the gym where Pidge waited, "Well, enough. I trust you're settling in all right?"

The younger pilot nodded, enthusiastically, "This place is fantastic! And the Princess is so nice - she really makes the castle seem like it could be home. It almost makes me not miss Chip quite so much..."

Keith patted the younger man on the shoulder, "I'm glad you see you're happy. We certainly worked hard enough to earn this moment's peace." Pidge smiled and nodded in agreement. Keith stretched once, then turned to go, "Well, I'm off - enjoy your workout!"

Unbeknownst to the pair of pilots, one other stood watching the activity in the gym. Sven's dark eyes narrowed in worry as he watched his leader head back towards his room. Keith might not know it yet, but he was nearing a breaking point of sorts. He just hoped that someone would be able to contain the explosion that currently looked to be inevitable.

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