Prisms Chapter 6 (teaser)
by Renee-chan

Zoisite slowly pushed the door to his room shut behind him, mind whirling with confused thoughts. It had been one hell of a long day. He'd had a fight with Queen Beryl, herself, his father had found out he was at the Shrine, Darien and his childhood friend, Usagi, had shown up on his proverbial doorstep, Usagi had turned out to be the Moon Princess, and she'd had an affair with Jadeite. Ye gods, but he had a headache... He raised a hand up to his forehead and began to rub at the ache which seemed to be happily settling in across his temples. A moment later, he felt a warm, strong pair of hands begin massaging his shoulders from the front. He looked up gratefully into the silver eyes of his lover before letting himself collapse into Kunzite's arms with a groan, "Next time you suggest taking me on a vacation, remind me to hit you..."

Kunzite chuckled lightly, "Oh, come on. It hasn't been all that bad..."

Zoisite raised irritated green eyes to meet Kunzite's as he snorted in disbelief, "Riiiight. You've had a completely relaxing vacation. I'm the one who's doing all the work!"

Kunzite just smiled and pressed a light kiss to Zoisite's forehead, "I know, love... I know. I promise that when all this is over, I'll take you on a real vacation - you've more than earned it." He pulled the younger man closer into his embrace and rubbed soothing circles around his back until he relaxed.

Zoisite turned his face into Kunzite's chest and mumbled, "Why do I get the feeling that you aren't telling me everything?"

Kunzite frowned, "You're too damned perceptive for your own good, Zoisite - has anyone ever told you that?"

The copper head nodded once against Kunzite's chest, "It seems to be a family curse. I can't help it. So... what is it?"

After giving Zoisite one more squeeze, Kunzite released him and took a step back, "King Endymion noticed the Prince's absence and sent out queries. When Lady Almai replied that he was here, the King demanded that we return with him at once."

Zoisite allowed himself to back up and flop down onto his bed, "So much for the vacation... whatever was left of it." He turned his head as his lover settled himself down on the edge of the bed, "I suppose by 'at once' he meant right this second?"

Kunzite made a face, "You know how the King is. He won't be comfortable until he has Darien back inside the castle walls - no matter how good it might be for the Prince to be outside of them for a time."

Zoisite nodded, "I know. There isn't much we can do about it at this point in time, though." He sighed heavily, "Why don't you pack up in here and go collect Darien. I'll say goodbye to my grandparents and Usa-- the Princess and ready the horses." He sat back up and leaned against Kunzite's solid warmth, "We can be gone in an hour."

The Lord-General frowned, "Why do I get the feeling that you're more eager to leave than you're letting on?"

Zoisite rose to his feet and smiled down at his lover. The smile had a bitter pain twisting it at the edges. Zoisite bent down and pressed a light, chaste kiss to Kunzite's lips, then turned and left without another word. Me, eager to leave? No... not really. But anything is better than a confrontation with my father... Anything.

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