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Part 7 -- The Rediscovery of An Old Friend?
by Renee-chan and L.M. Griffin

"Duck! OH NO! I said Duck! not Jump! Oh, haven't you ever done this before? What's the deal! Oh no! Not again! Are you trying to get me killed??!!! What are you doing!"

Andrew looked up from the soda counter where he was taking a break. He shook his head, wondering how someone so small could have such a powerful set of lungs. Well, Serena's always been very, uh, into video games. He smiled. The dark-haired girl had been on his mind all day. She had been in earlier with a friend, then Serena, Darien and their friends had dragged the two off. Serena had come back (and he had a bruise on his chin to prove it), then left, then come back again with the dark-haired girl.

There was just something about that girl... He forced his mind away from those thoughts. After all, he had a wonderful girlfriend - she was just on a different continent at the moment. Damn these long distance relationships, anyway! That wasn't a way to think. He loved Rita, and Rita loved him, and it was going to stay that way. He could wait for her. Suddenly he heard a violent shriek from the direction of the new Sailor V game. He gave a small chuckle. Here we go, again!

"How could you have missed that one! It was right in front of you! If you couldn't get it, why didn't you let me shoot it! WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Serena screamed.

Lauren put her hands up defensively, "Serena! Chill! I'm sorry! I'll try to do better next time - this was my first time playing this game!" She tried desperately to divert Serena's attention, "But look! We got on the High Scorer's List! See?"

Serena let her eyes trail over to the video screen, there at the very top of the High Scores list, was an empty space with the cursor blinking in front of it. Her eyes lit up and her lip started to tremble. Lauren saw an all out bawling fit on the horizon and hastened to stop it, "So what do you want to put in the name spot?"

Serena smiled, slyly, and typed "Sailor Moon and Moon Mage Sapphire" in the empty spot - it just fit. Lauren smiled as Serena hit "Enter", sealing their names in video game history. "Way to go," she said, quietly. Serena bounced up and down on her toes and said, "Now how about those sundaes, hmmm???"

Lauren laughed and they ran to the soda counter. Andrew looked up and smiled, "So girls, did you place?" Serena smiled, gushily. She might have a boyfriend, now, but Andrew was still a major hunk. "Yup! We got First Place! Isn't that just the coolest??"

Andrew laughed and nodded, "You realize that since you got the top score, I am obliged to buy you each an ice cream sundae?"

Serena's eyes went wide - Lauren had already promised her a sundae, and now Andrew was offering her a sundae - she did the math quickly. "Two Sundaes!! Yippee!! Bring 'em on guys! I'm ready for 'em!" She grabbed up two spoons, tucked a napkin over the front of her shirt and plunked down on a stool.

Lauren and Andrew looked at each other and mouthed, "Two sundaes? Huh?"

Serena saw their confusion and rolled her eyes. Slowly, she explained, "Lauren offered me one sundae. Andrew offered me one sundae. Do the math. Last time I checked, One Sundae plus One Sundae still equaled Two Sundaes." "Right?" she added, plaintively.

Lauren and Andrew laughed. "All right!" they capitulated. Andrew scooted behind the counter and whipped up two triple hot fudge sundaes for Serena, who set into them with gusto. He turned to the dark-haired girl, "So what would you like-? Uh... You know, I just realized that I don't know your name..." he blushed with embarrassment.

Lauren laughed, "Lauren. Lauren Griffin. Nice to meet you." She held out her hand for a handshake. Andrew took it and kissed it instead. While a faint blush rose to Lauren's cheeks, Andrew queried, "So, Lauren Lauren Griffin - what would you like? And it's on me."

As Lauren opened her mouth to speak, a voice behind her interrupted, "Lauren Lauren Griffin would like to introduce me to her new friend. And she'd probably like a hot fudge vanilla sundae, too. Right?"

Lauren fumed in silent exasperation, "Renée, this is Andrew. Andrew, this is Renée Markowicz."

Andrew took Renee's hand and shook it, "Any friend of Lauren's is a friend of mine." Renée slid onto the stool next to Lauren and giggled. She stage-whispered to Lauren, "You work fast, don't you?"

Lauren mock-slapped her. A hint of brown caught her eye and she looked down at Renee's feet - two baby-brown puppy-dog eyes caught her own. One of them winked. Lauren spoke, nonchalantly, "Oh, hi Rusty." Then she did a rather huge double-take, "RUSTY!!! What the- It is you, right?"

A warm furry voice in her mind answered, ~The one and only! How ya doin' kid? Did ya get Darien into that dress, yet?~

In her total shock, Lauren leaned forward, tripped and fell off the stool. Only slightly bewildered by her change in location, Lauren threw her arms around the surprised Moon Dog. She yelled, "Rusty! Rusty Rusty Rusty Rusty Rusty Rusty Rusty Rusty!!!! RUSTY!!"

Renée stared down at the exuberant pair, "Was I that bad?" she pondered out loud. Rusty got a paw free, patted her leg and said, "Yup." Then he was lost under Lauren's hugging arms again. Renée stared at him and Mindspoke, ~Maybe you shouldn't talk out loud, Rusty...~

Rusty gulped and said, "Right! I mean Wuff! and Yip! Not "Yup!" I didn't say Yup! Oh - OOPS!" Fortunately, Renée and Lauren were the only two listening - Andrew was busy making Lauren's hot fudge vanilla sundae.

When he reached over to give it to her, he was mildly surprised to find her on the floor squeezing the life out of a poor, little dog. Her friend, Renée was smiling down at them. Suddenly she looked up, "Is that finished?" Andrew nodded. Renée looked down at Lauren - who was now mock-wrestling with Rusty - "Hey Lauren, you gonna eat this, or should I do it for you?"

Lauren looked up and yelled, "I-don't-think-so. That will not be necessary." She pulls herself off the ground, dusts herself off, and then notices that Andrew is staring at her. Lauren stares back at him. The staring goes on for several minutes and Renée notices that both sets of eyes are starting to look like big red hearts. She leans over to Lauren and whispers, "Your eyes are doing the heart-thing again." Lauren and Andrew realize this at the same moment, blush, and look away.

Suddenly the four teenagers hear a loud commotion by the Arcade door.

"Oh no! We are not doing this again! I don't care if he looks like your old boyfriend! Lita! Come on! Renee's probably wondering where we are by now..."

Rei's voice trailed off when she realized that Renée, Lauren, Rusty, Andrew, and Serena were all staring at them. She put her hand up and gave them a small wave, "Uh, hi guys!" Renée grinned and started giggling. Rei got a puzzled look on her face, "What set her off this time?"

Mina leaned over and whispered something to Rei. Rei stared at her, "You're kidding!" Mina smiled and shook her head. Rei looked over at the now hysterical Renée and hung her head, "Damn sweatdrops..."

Lauren turned an exasperated look on her friend and slapped her in the back. Renée gasped for air and then sat up again. She commented, sarcastically, "Thanks, Lauren." Lauren smiled, "Don't mention it." They looked over at Serena to catch her up on what she and Lauren had missed - only to notice that she wasn't there. "What the-?" Renée muttered. There was a sly snicker from the floor. Renée and Lauren looked down at Rusty who murmured, "Lip-locked with Prince Darien." Renée and Lauren looked up and, sure enough, Serena was busy kissing Darien. The Scouts, Mages, and Cats heaved a huge sigh.

Rei blurted out, "Are you two finished, yet!?! We have some things to talk about!" The two guilty lovebirds sprang apart and Serena promptly stuck her tongue out at Rei, "Dweeb!"

Rei, not one to be outdone, stuck out her tongue, "Twerp!"

This continued until Andrew spoke up, "Serena, don't you want the rest of your ice cream?" Serena - not one to leave food uneaten - abandoned the tongue war and dashed for the ice cream. Darien smiled at Andrew, "Thanks." Andrew smiled back, "Don't mention it." Renée looked back and forth between Andrew and Lauren and muttered, "Huh, they really are compatible!" Lauren promptly smacked Renée, giving her a rather evil look.

As soon as Serena and Lauren finished their sundaes, the other Scouts, Darien, and Renée grabbed them and dragged them to a booth. They were soon caught up on events - Luna had replayed the Lunar mind meld. Serena stared at Renée, "My best friend?" She turned to Lauren, "My best friend?" She looked at both of them, "You guys made my locket?" They nodded. Tears started to well up in Serena's eyes, "Thank you!" She grabbed them up in a hug.

Just as the two Mages were starting to turn blue from lack of oxygen, a loud explosion interrupted the happy reunion. "What was that?" Serena yelled, letting go of the Mages who were starting to wave their arms about, frantically. Mina stage whispered, "Sounds like a problem for the Sailor Scouts, huh guys?"

Darien smiled, "And Tuxedo Mask!"

Mina giggled, "Of course!"

They ran outside. Rusty looked up at Lauren and Renée, "Actually, it sounds more like a job for the Moon Mages, doesn't it?" Lauren and Renée nodded, slapped a high five and ran out to catch the action.

The Scouts stood, in their normal clothing, facing a youma, a young man, and a sheepdog. Darien stood on a tree branch above them. Lauren and Renée yelled, "Hey guys, want some help?" They all nodded vigorously. Lauren yelled, "All right! Moon Mage Transform!" Various sparkly lights enveloped her, while transformation music played in the background. When it ended, she stood, hands on her hips, facing the enemy. A flowing green mage robe fluttered around her. Under the mage robe, a straight shimmering emerald tank dress clung to her frame.

Renée stared at her, "Why do you go through all that?" She snapped her fingers and was soon standing next to Lauren in an exact replica of Lauren's costume - except that it was sapphire blue. Suddenly something struck her, "Why haven't the rest of you transformed, yet?"

Ami put her hand up. Lauren said, "This isn't school, Ami! You don't have to raise your hand!"

Ami put her hand down, "In that case - the reason we have not transformed is because we gave you our wands to add new powers to them. You have not, as yet, given them back."

Renée smacked her head, "Duh!" She grabbed the wands, broach, and rose from her interdimensional pocket and tossed them at the Scouts and Darien, "Sorry guys!" The clearing was soon filled with music and sparkly lights. When it was finished, Renée exclaimed, "You still have have the Star Transformations?"

Lita frowned, "I thought we told you that, already."

Renée pulled at her lip, "You said you had the Star Powers... I thought... That means... Oops." She blushed.

"Oops, what?" Rei demanded.

"We goofed. I forgot that there was a set of powers between the normal ones and the Star Ones. My bad. You were supposed to get the Star Transformations when you got the second set of powers (Firebird Strike, Thunder Dragon, etc.) - not the third (Celestial Fire Surround, etc.). So now, you're behind on your transformations. You're on your third set of powers, but only your second set of transformations. In short, we goofed. Sorry," Renée blushed.

Rei glared at the two Mages, "So why don't fix it?"

Lauren snapped back, "Because there's a youma standing right there! And a dog, and a gorgeous man with blond hair..." Lauren began to drool, as everyone turned and stared. Renée added, "He looks like Malachite!... How dreamy!..."

Mina added, "He's soooo cute!...."

Lita's eyes turned into hearts, "He looks just like my old boyfriend..."

Rei said, "I'm getting bad vibes from this guy..."

Ami commented, "I'm reading Nega-Energy from him..."

Serena turned to Ami and Rei and burst out, "Duh! Look at his uniform! It's one of those Negaverse thingies! What, you think he just got off shift at MacDonald's and he's hanging around with his dog and his youma?? Get real!"

Zalisite bent down and murmured to Faithful, "How'd they find out about my last job? Did you tell them?"

Old Faithful snorted, "Don't be ridiculous! Hey, aren't you supposed to be doing your patented bad guy speech? Hint, hint."

Zalisite blushed, "How can I give a bad guy speech when half of them are staring at me like I'm the Nega-Playboy of the Month!"

Renée, who had also begun to drool, took a step forward and promptly tripped on her blue robe and fell down - breaking the hunkster spell. She looked up, somewhat dazed, and said, "Wha' happened?"

Lauren started laughing and suddenly moaned in pain, "I don't remember this dress being so tight!" She looked down at herself, "Or so short!" She tried to pull it down - to no avail.

Rusty, who had just emerged from the Arcade, asked the two, "Did you guys switch colors, or something?"

Renée looked down at her sleeve and said, "What are talking about?" as it flopped over her hand. "Hey, I don't remember this thing being so big!"

The Mages realized what had happened at the same moment. They both screamed and pointed accusing fingers at each other, "You stole my uniform!"

Rusty hung his head in exasperation. "So go change," he muttered.

"Right!" the Mages answered. They ran off to find a ladies' room.

An hour later, they arrived on the scene (again) - and this time, in the proper uniforms. Zalisite was busy throwing a branch for Faithful, Darien and Serena were at it again, the rest of the Scouts were discussing strategy - except for Ami who was doing her homework - and the youma was busy attacking Molly and Melvin.

Serena broke off the kiss when she saw the two Mages and exclaimed, "Where the heck were you guys!?!"

Renée shrugged a little and said, "There was a long line at the ladies' room!"

Zalisite turned to Faithful and said, "Kinda makes you glad you're a guy, doesn't it?"

Rusty walked over to them and said, "Why didn't you two just use your powers to transform?"

The girls looked at each other, slapped their foreheads, and moaned, "Why didn't we think of that?" Then they looked at Zalisite and Faithful and said, "So if you're such smart bad guys, why didn't you take the opportunity to do something evil?"

Zalisite spluttered, "Well, uh, I did! See, the youma's busy attacking those two, uh, um, kids! Over there!"

Serena looked over at where he pointed and screamed, "Molly! Melvin! We have to help them you guys!"

Lauren groaned, "Not again!" as the Scouts ran off to take care of the youma. The two Mages were left facing off with Zalisite. Renée said, under her breath, "Now what do we do?"

Lauren answered, "Look mean. I haven't done this in over a thousand years, but I remember that we have to look mean."

"I can't look mean! He's too damn cute!" Renée responded.

Lauren growled, "I know! I'm having the same problem - he's a blond! Just try!"

Zalisite looks at the two girls and sighs, "Tic-toc. Tic-toc. Can we hurry this up? I'm getting bored."

The Mages looked at each other, then at Zalisite, then at each other, then at Zalisite (you get the point?). Lauren bared her teeth, "I suddenly don't think being mean is going to be a problem!"

Renée growled, "Tic-toc, huh?"

They raised their arms and yelled, "Tic-toc this!" Twin sets of lightning flew from their hands to a suddenly very frightened Zalisite. He yelped, and yelled, "Retreat!" He, the youma, and the dog disappeared from the field of battle.

The Scouts screamed, "Hey! We were taking care of that youma!"

Renée snorted, "It's not our fault that the enemy is a bloody coward!"

Zalisite stuck his head back through the portal and yelled, "I resent that!"

A jumble of attack phrases was suddenly heard from the Scouts:

"Jupiter Thunderclap Zap!"

"Mars Celestial Fire Surround!"

"Venus Love Chain Encircle!"

"Mercury Ice Bubbles Freeze!"

"Moon Scepter Elimination!"

Zalisite went pale and slammed the portal shut. The Scouts' powers hit the portal and went bouncing madly about the clearing, causing the poor Moon Mages to duck for cover. Renée yelled, "Would you watch where you're pointing those things! You almost gave me an unnecessary hair cut! We wouldn't have given them to you if we knew that you couldn't aim them properly!"

Suddenly there was a wild yell as one of the random powers sheered off the branch that Tux had been standing on. He was promptly dumped on the ground. The impact of his landing threw Renée into the air and onto his lap. Renée turned a sour expression on her fellow Mage and said, "This is carrying Fate a bit too far, don't you think?"

Darien muttered, "You're telling me."

A flood of music suddenly filled the air. The crew looked up as a single white rose floated down to land in Lauren's outstretched hand. A voice spoke, "Like a hot, dry wind blowing across the desert, I am the Arcadian Knight! Sorry, my friends. I seem to have shown up more than fashionably late."

The crew looked up again and saw a white-clad figure, who looked exactly like the Moonlight Knight - with one notable exception.

Lauren managed one strangled comment before she faded into hunk-induced mindlessness, "He's a blond!"

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