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Note: This part takes a wild swing off the general storyline. It begins even before the Moon Kingdom itself. It is, in part, to explain where Lauren and Renée fit into the picture. We hadn't intended to start the flashback as far back as we did, but you know what they say about the best laid plans... :-) We figured that they could use a bit of explaining. Part 5 will be a continuation of this particular storyline - we'll probably get back to the original storyline in Part 6. Hope you enjoy the brief interruption - eventually you'll be returned to your regularly scheduled program. *g*

Part 4 -- The Neverending Flashback, Part I
by Renee-chan and L.M. Griffin

It all began ages and ages ago...

Several people fled Earth at the dawn of their era of spaceflight. The first dawn, that is. These rebels hopped in a spaceship and fled into the dark recesses of space. Rather unfortunately for the small band of space sailors, someone forgot to fill the gas tank before they left. They only made it as far as Earth's Moon. Depressed at their lack of success, these young explorers settled down on the Moon. Years went by and they multiplied. The small band grew until they covered the entire surface of the Moon. Among their numbers were a special few with psychic powers. They were the ones who made it possible for everyone to live on the Moon without suffocating. Jokingly, they began to refer to themselves as the Mages of the Moon Kingdom.

When maybe a millennium or two had passed, the Mages realized that by joining their powers, they could facilitate world-to-world travel. They sent scouts on to each of the planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter. These scouts reported back that none of the planets were livable. The Mages hid their disappointment in a flurry of activity. They hid themselves away from the Kingdom for many months. When they emerged, they held 4 pens. The scouts stared in disbelief. The Mages smiled and handed one pen to each of the scouts. They said to each that in order to live on whatever planet they scouted, all they had to do was shout, " 'whatever the planet was' Power!" and they would be able to finish their missions.

The second trip out was a bit more of a success. Each scout came back with loads of data on each planet. They each said that when they were on their respective planets, they felt a presence. It was old and very powerful. The Mages shrugged and said, "Must've been side effects of the transformation pens."

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the natives were getting restless. The self-styled "Moon Kingdom" was seeking to become just that, a Kingdom. With their enhanced magical and psychic powers, the Mages looked like they would be able to accomplish that goal within the decade. Earth decided to attack its cousins in the sky. The scouts didn't know of this until they saw the firefight from their respective planets. The scout of Jupiter felt a white hot rage building slowly within her. She called out to the presence, "I require your help!"

The presence, to her surprise, answered, "Oh really? What exactly do you think I can do for you?"

The Jupiter scout replied, "Lend me your power to vanquish my foes!"

The presence chuckled, "Oh I do like you, little thunder-mind! How appropriate. The one human who can survive on the surface of Jupiter has a temper to match my thunderbolt! Fear not, little sister! The great god Jupiter will answer your plea. Go back to your home and when the time is right, you shall know what to do."

The scout nodded and left.

Unbeknownst to Jupiter's scout, there where similar scenes occurring on the other planets throughout the solar system. The scout of Mercury found her Planet God - Mercury, the master of Ice and Fog. The scout of Venus found a Planet Goddess - the goddess of Love and Energy. The scout of Mars found a Planet God who held power over Fire. Jupiter - the afore-mentioned Planet God of Thunder and Nature, was apparently the ring-leader. When their scouts had all gone they all turned to him and said, "Now you're sure that was a good idea?"

He shrugged his shoulders and said, "Not really, but it should be fun anyway."

Back on the Moon, the Scouts arrived still cloaked in their pen's transformations. They looked at each other for the first time in their altered forms. Venus' scout said, "Those Mages are sick. I'm sure there must have been more practical ways of dressing us than in leotards and mini-skirts. And what's with these sandals, anyway?"

Mars' scout answered, "Don't complain. I got stuck in high heels." The other scouts made mews of sympathy.

Finally, their complaining finished, the scouts ran towards the scene of the battle. The main base was in ruins. Jupiter's scout was shaking in rage. Mercury's scout put a calming hand on her shoulder and said, "Don't worry. We'll avenge them," she smiled, "With a little help that is." The scouts shared a smirk. It was Venus who said it, "They won't even know what hit 'em." They slapped a high five and waded into the pandemonium.

They fought like hellcats bent on revenge - the enhanced strength given to them by the transformations sent Earther after Earther flying into a great heap. At one point in the battle, Jupiter's scout found herself with no one to fight. She looked up and saw a huge hulking brute bearing done on the tiny scout of Mercury. She saw red. And yet she knew that even with her enhanced physical abilities, she would never reach her fellow scout in time. A voice whispered in her mind, "Remember me?" She smiled at the contact from Jupiter and said, "You got it!"

She crossed her arms at the chest with her pointer and pinky fingers sticking out. A small lightning rod emerged from her tiara. She yelled, "Jupiter Thunder!" She felt the lightning gather at the tip of the rod and pulled her legs in tight, thinking, "Don't want the lightning to get confused and hit some part of me other than the lightning rod." When she felt that she couldn't hold anymore of her God's power, she spread her limbs wide and yelled, "Crash!!" The lightning went ripping from her tiara and tore the man limb from limb. The battle suddenly ceased. Various cheers rose from the tired army of the Moon Kingdom and the Earthers saw doom hanging over the horizon.

The other scouts felt their jaws drop in awe. Venus said, "Cool!" Mars said, "I wanna try it!" Mercury scratched her head and said, "I wonder how that was accomplished?" Jupiter, for her part, said merely, "Ho-ly shit! Did I do that?"

The scouts spread across the field intent on trying to find powers of their own. The second scout to find hers was Venus. Her Venus Crescent Beam neatly put holes through a row of six soldiers. She heard a yell of "Mars Fire Ignite!" and saw the scout of Mars burn three soldiers to ash. Suddenly (after a screamed "Mercury Bubbles Blast!"), a huge fog blanketed the fighting area. The scouts smiled - Mercury's scout had struck. They spotted her running through the fog, neatly skewering Earthers with a small dagger.

When the fog finally cleared, the only living troops on the field were those of the Moon Kingdom.

After the battle the scouts and Mages gathered together. The Mages smiled and said, "Well, this certainly isn't what we intended when we made the pens. How did you get those powers?"

Jupiter smiled, "Well. You know those presences that you said that we probably didn't really feel?" the Mages nodded, "They're Gods."

Venus piped up, "And Goddesses!"

Jupiter sighed, "All right, Gods and Goddesses. They lent us their strength and power to fight the Earthers. I -" she broke off and got a "listening" look on her face. At the Mages confused look, Mercury answered, "Communing with her Planet God." They nodded.

When Jupiter came back to them she said, "Well. That's decided. Jupiter just said that he was aware of our desire to spread to the rest of the solar system. The gods and goddesses said that they would make their planets habitable for humans as long as we, the scouts, I mean, soul-bonded with each of them," she snorted, "He said they haven't had this much fun in years. It'll also make it easier for us to access our new powers."

The Mages cheered, "That's an excellent idea!"

The Leader of the Mages stood up. Selena was an aging woman with golden hair which was just beginning to gray at the temples. She was by far, the most powerful of all of them. She thought of the others as her children. She raised her hands for silence, "You scouts have proved yourselves to be brave, loyal, and powerful, as were the young sailors who first embarked on a mission to this desolate moon to give it life. From now on you shall be known as the Sailor Senshi," she got many confused looks. She laughed a bit and said, "In the ancient language of Mages, Senshi means 'scouts'." The scouts laughed. She spoke again, "You will be known as Sailor Mercury, Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars, and Sailor Jupiter. When we reach out to the stars - you four will stand to protect us. Bear this responsibility well." She sat.

Venus whispered to Mercury, "She'd make a good Queen. All those regal speeches and everything..." Mercury elbowed her and giggled.

Thus began the period of time known to all as the Colonization Period.

When the people of the Moon had finally settled the four inner planets, the Scouts felt a contact begin at the same time. The Gods were bored, so they decided to pester their Avatars. Jupiter's God was the first to speak, "OK people - what's the deal, here? We help you guys out and then you settle down and don't do anything! We want some action!" The Goddess Venus (the only calming influence in the group) said, "Now Jupiter. Behave yourself! That's your Avatar you're talking to!" she opened the communication to all the Scouts, "What he means to say is that perhaps it is time your people chose a Leader. One who had ultimate power over the whole kingdom. After all, you don't want the other planets to become separate entities - we are one!" The God Jupiter muttered, "Oh how cheesy..."

The Scouts understood what they were getting at. If an outside threat tried to take the planets as they were now, they would hardly have much resistance. As they were, the planets each stood alone. The Gods and Scouts decided to contact the Moon Mages. The Mages called a conference. Everyone had a different idea for what they should do.

Selena put her head in her hands. Finally, she stood and pounded her fist on the table, "Enough! Would you please stop this petty bickering and try making useful suggestions? This is getting us nowhere!" One of the youngsters piped up, "What do you suggest, old woman?"

Selena spun around, her now completely silver hair swirling around her, "Old woman?" The boy gulped and shrunk into his seat. Selena smiled, "It so happens that I do have a suggestion. We all know that each of us works best when our powers are enhanced by a certain precious stone. What if we all melded our stones together and asked the gods and goddesses to fuse some of their power into it? Then whoever becomes our ruler can soul-bond to the Crystal the way the Senshi have to their gods. This will open up great avenues of power to our chosen leader - and it will serve to unite and protect our kingdom."

The other Mages stood in awe of Selena's intellect.

The young boy stood up and proclaimed, "I think Selena should be our first Queen!"

Selena stared at him in disbelief, "Well, I never... I've never seen such a blatant case of brown-nosing in my entire career!" she thought for a minute, "I like it!"

The Mages and Scouts hurried to second the motion and soon discovered that the vote was unanimous. They proclaimed Selena to be ... Queen Serenity. Selena cleared her throat, "Selena. Not Serenity." Venus bobbed up and down and said, "It's a title! Not a name! Duh." Selena said, "Oh. Right. Now, can we get on with this?"

After a long, tedious process (which we're not even gonna bother to explain because the words only exist in the language of magic - and you wouldn't understand them) the Imperium Silver Crystal was born. And with it, the great line of Queen Serenity. In case none of you had figured it out, this was also the birth of the Silver Millennium.

Four Queen Serenities later, the people of Earth were scared out of their minds. The dark forces, a.k.a. Queen Beryl and the Negaverse, were slowly devouring parts of their planet. They had no protection. Finally, King Endymion, father of Prince Darien, made the hardest decision of his long life. Earth - the one planet who stood alone - was going to have to join the Moon Kingdom. He and Darien took their private shuttle and went up to the Moon.

When they reached the Palace, they noticed that 4 of the Sailor Scouts' banners were missing. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto were not at court. They were brought into the presence of Queen Serenity. She smiled at them and said, "King Endymion, Prince Darien. What a pleasant surprise! What brings you here?"

Endymion bristled, "We've come to ask for your Majesty's protection from The Negaverse." Serenity choked. Then she heard a voice in her mind, "Told ya so! I told ya Earth would come begging to us for help! Just look at 'im grovel! Haha! OH Man, am I gonna love rubbing Gaia's face in this! Oh yeah! Go us! We're awesome! We're the Gods! Oh yeah!" The voice trailed off. When Serenity noticed Princess Lita stifling a laugh, she realized that the voice had belonged to the Planet God of Jupiter. She allowed herself a small smile.

She turned back to the King and Prince of Earth and noticed that the Prince wore a rather poleaxed expression on his face. He managed, "What the heck was that???" King Endymion frowned in disapproval, "You're hearing voices again, aren't you." Darien said, "But it's different, this time! It was a man's voice, not a woman's, and-"

"It was the Great God Jupiter's voice that you heard, my son," interrupted Queen Serenity. Her eyes begged him not to reveal exactly what he had heard. It would be too embarrassing. He chose to oblige her, for now. She continued, "If you can hear the Gods, then perhaps you shall be the one chosen to be the Protector of the Earth. You see, until now, Earth has had no Sailor Senshi."

Princess Serenity couldn't contain the laugh that burst from her. Renee and Lauren - two of the five Moon Mages, stared at their friend, the Princess. She saw them staring and gasped, "I'm sorry...Darien...Sailor uniforms...mini-skirt...the image...oh Gods!..." Renee and Lauren burst out laughing and soon all of the scouts were rolling on the floor in their mirth. Luna, Artemis, and Rusty (the Moon Mages' Guardian Dog) hung their heads. Luna muttered, "It wasn't that funny." At Rusty and Artemis' incredulous looks she began to chuckle, "All right, it was." Soon the two cats and the dog were collapsed on the floor, as well.

Queen Serenity slowly shook her head. At Darien's horrified expression she hastened to reassure him, "Don't worry, Darien. I'm sure that we can alter the uniform slightly to suit your needs better."

Lauren managed to gasp, "...what?...you gonna sew a jock strap into the leotard?..."

Darien growled, "I am not wearing a skirt. I am not wearing a leotard. And I am NOT wearing a jock strap!!!"

Renee (who for once had managed to stop laughing before the others) stood up. She pondered out loud, "How about something like this?" She pointed at him and his clothing changed into black body armor with more decorative pieces on his legs, waist, and chest. A huge black and red cape hung from his shoulders. His sword remained buckled at his side. Renee asked sweetly, "Does that work for you?"

Darien stared at himself. "How did you do that?"

Princess Serenity snorted, "She's a Moon Mage! She does things like this for a living."

Renee thought for a moment, and then nodded. "You'll need a transformation pen, or something." She thought some more and looked at Lauren, "What do you think?" Lauren stood up and walked around Darien, muttering, "Can't give 'im a pen...could we do-?...no that wouldn't work...no that wouldn’t work either...hmmm..." Finally she stopped and said, "I got it! How about a rose!" Renee sighed and batted her eyelashes a few times, "You're such a romantic!" They put their hands about six inches away from each other and a rose appeared between them. Renee plucked it from the air and gave it to Darien.

He looked at it as if it were poison, "First you try to stick me in a leotard and mini-skirt. Now you give me a rose as my only magical weapon and transformation thingy," he turned to the room at large, "Do I look like a pansy, to you?"

Princess Serenity sized him up as if he were a haunch of meat, "No, actually, you don't," she smiled at him, "Actually you look pretty-"

Queen Serenity growled, "Enough Serena."

Princess Serenity backed off. Her mother only called her by her given name when she was in a lot of trouble.

The Queen said, "That's better. Now Darien, do you have any problems?"

Darien said, "Just one. What am I supposed to do with this thing?"

Lauren shook her head, "You throw it, dummy! It's aerodynamic."

He wailed, "It's a rose!"

Renee said to Lauren, "He is soooo perfect for Serena. Did you hear that wail?" Then she turned to Darien, "Trust us. Just throw it!"

He had one more objection, "If I throw it away, how will I get another one?"

Renee said, "Just reach into the air and pluck one."


Lauren growled, "Just do it!"

Darien yelped, "Ok!" He threw it and gasped in shock, "That thing stuck in freaking cement!!!"

Renee and Lauren stuck their tongues out, "Told ya so!"

Darien had one more question, "Did anyone else hear guitars and castanets a moment ago?"

And thus Earth entered the Silver Millennium.

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