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Part 2 -- Don't Tell Luna, We Lost The Newcomers!
by Renee-chan and L.M. Griffin

"It feels soooo good to be in dry clothing...", Lauren commented as she shifted around in her new jeans and sweatshirt. She ran her fingers through her now dry brown curls and grinned at Renee. Renee snorted as they exited the downtown girls boutique.

"Well, at least Serena will be happy. You know, it's a good thing that bank let us exchange our American dollars for yen." she commented. Lauren nodded in agreement, as the two newcomers walked down the street. Suddenly Lauren stopped. "Uh oh..." she said, and slapped her forehead.

"What?" asked Renee. Lauren looked at her and said sarcastically, "Who did we forget to tell that we'd left?"

Renee thought for a second, and said, "Our parents? You know, I think my mom will understand when I tell her that I got sucked through a TV screen, if she even believes me, that is---OWWW! What was that for?". Lauren had smacked her upside the head.

"Think about it dummy! Who did we leave in the park?"

Renee thought again, then asked, "Why would Molly and Melvin care where we go? Besides, we did call the police for them. And it's not like they're in any condition to care about where we are--OWWWWWWWW!! Would you stop that?" Lauren had smacked her again, and growled, "Are you being unusually dense, or is it just me? The S-C-O-U-T-S? Remember them, Renee? We landed on their leader's boyfriend in the park?"

"Ummmm, I beg to differ...I landed on were busy swimming with the fishies...", Renee commented as she ducked quickly out of the way of Lauren's flying hand. She added, "Well, why don't we just go back to the park?"

Lauren thought about this, and shook her head. "No, they've probably already noticed we're gone, and started looking for us. Anyways, I can't remember the way back to the park."

"Me neither. Which brings up a interesting question," Renee said, looking baffled, "Where the hell are we?"

Lauren looked around as well, and stuttered, "I..I don't know. We just started walking..." They looked at each other and groaned, "Oh man... WE'RE LOST!!!"

Jupiter and Mercury ran through the lower part of the warehouse district. No sign of the girls. It was like they disappeared off the face of the earth. Mercury frowned, and was about to say something, when their communicators went off. Jupiter looked at Mercury, and clicked on her communicator. Mars's face appeared. "Any luck?" she asked.

Mercury sighed, "None so far. How about you?"

Mars frowned, and said, "Venus and I haven't seen a wisp of them..."

"Maybe Moon and Mask had better luck?" said Jupiter hopefully.

Mars shook her head and said, "Nope, we just talked to them, they haven't found anything." She then laughed, and added, "Moon seemed just a LITTLE too happy about that..."

Mercury giggled, and Jupiter shook her head ruefully. "All right, we're going to check the outskirts of town." said Jupiter.

Mars responded, "Okay, we're going to go run by the 'rich' part of town, see if anyone's seen them." Mercury nodded her head curtly, and they signed off. Mercury and Jupiter looked at each other, sighed, and headed off to the outskirts of town to look for Lauren and Renee.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Renee were wandering the streets of Tokyo. "We are soooo lost!!" lamented Renee. "You know...that is an excellent imitation of Serena..." said Lauren dryly, as they turned another corner. Renee was about to make a snappy comeback, when she noticed that Lauren had suddenly stopped, and was staring at something across the street very hard. Renee walked over to her, waved her hand in front of Lauren's face, and shrugged. She stood on her tiptoes and yelled into Lauren's ear, "Heeellloooo? Anybody home?"

Lauren jumped and glared at Renee. Instead of speaking, she simply pointed to a building across the street. Renee turned and stared. The girls turned and looked at each other, grinning. "The Arcade..." Lauren murmered happily, as they crossed the street. Renee smiled, and said, "This is perfect!! Sooner or later, the Scouts HAVE to come in here!!!" "Scouts, shmouts, we get to see ANDREW!!!" Lauren exclaimed happily, as her eyes turned into hearts. Renee stared at her for a minute or two, then asked, "Uhhhhh, Lauren? How are you going to get your eyes back to normal?"

"Why? Are they different?" Lauren asked. Then she looked into the window. She saw that her eyes were giant and pulsing red. "AAAUUGHHH!! What am I going to do?" she wailed. Renee thought, and said, "Quick, think of something serious!!"

"Like a math test? God I hate math tests...All those damn numbers..." Lauren growled, as her eyes popped back to normal. She looked back into the reflection and sighed with relief. "Wow, thanks Renee! How did you do that?" she said.

Renee shrugged, and said "It always worked for Luna. She'd say something serious, and whoever had hearts in their eyes would just go normal in no time flat!"

Lauren nodded and said, "Cooooool...hey, let's go get something to eat. I am starving! We never did get to eat that pizza..." Renee began to drool thinking of food, and they both grinned and rushed in.

At the temple, the Scouts had finally reassembled, and detransformed. Having searched the whole city, they were exhausted. They all collapsed on the floor of the temple. Even Artemis. Luna, however, was pacing back and forth nervously. "We've simply GOT to find them!" she exclaimed. Rei sat up tiredly, and said, "Luna, we've searched the WHOLE city!! Maybe a monster ate them..."

Mina's stomach grumbled. She patted it, and asked, "Speaking of eating... could we call off the search, just long enough to get something?"

Serena sat straight up, and yelled, "I second the motion!"

Luna snorted, "Of Course - You would!!" She sighed, and said, "I suppose so. Why don't you pop around to the arcade for some lunch, and then we'll re-group here, in a couple of hours." Serena grinned happily, and managed to drag her friends, and Darien, up to their feet, and push them down the streets to the arcade.

Andrew dropped the milkshakes off at the table, and grinned at the two girls sitting there. "There you are, Misses. Can I get you anything else?" he asked politely. Lauren thought to herself, "Yes, you and two seats in the back of a darkened movie theatre", but she shook the thought from her head. "No, thanks Andrew..." she said, and watched him as he moved away.

Renee giggled, and said, "If you drool anymore, they're gonna to have to call a busboy to mop of the lake of spit!!"

Lauren glared at Renee, and took another bite out of her burger. She swallowed, and haughtily replied, "I can't help it. I like blonds. Like Andrew... and Jedaite... especially like Jedaite..." A dreamy look passed across her face.

Renee snorted, and said sarcastically, "Please, the only reason you liked Jedaite was because of your whole Jedi/Luke Skywalker obsession!!"

Lauren sputtered, "Not true!! Well, not entirely true."

Renee laughed again, and Lauren said darkly, "Well! Look whose talking, oh lover of the Bleach Boy!"

Renee's eyes narrowed, and she said, "Malachite did NOT have a bleach job!!"

Lauren grinned evilly, and said, "Yeah, well, that's between him and his hairdresser..." Renee glared at Lauren. It was then that she happened to look out of the window. Her eyes widened, and she gulped.

Lauren looked at her strangely, and said, "What's the matter? Did Zoisite drop out of the sky to come and blast me?" Lauren giggled at her own joke, but Renee just shook her head no. "Much worse..." she muttered, and pointed to the window. Lauren looked out, and saw a very scary sight indeed.

It was the five scouts, Darien, and the two cats. They were staring directly at Lauren and Renee. They did not look very happy. In fact, they looked down right homicidal. Lauren took a deep breath, and looked over at Renee's equally horrified face. Lauren whispered, "I think we're in trouble." Renee simply nodded, and they both slowly slid under the table.

The Scouts entered the Arcade with Darien right behind. They marched over to the table where Renee and Lauren were hiding. Lita and Darien looked over at Serena, who nodded. Darien reached under the table and pulled out Renee. Lita pulled out Lauren. Lauren and Renee grinned sheepishly. "Hello guys...wondered where y'all had gotten to..." Lauren said weakly. The Scouts simply dragged them all down to the temple. Renee managed to get out a small "EEP!" as she and Lauren were dropped to the temple floor.

Luna stalked up. She glared at both of them, and they squirmed nervously. Renee thought, "I can't believe I'm being stared down by a cat!"

"WHERE WERE YOU?" bellowed Luna, making everyone in the room jump. Lauren looked at the cat, and started nervously, "Well, um...we went to find a phone to call the police...for Molly and Melvin..."

A few minutes later, Lauren finished the story, with a few interruptions from Renee, and a long interlude about how hard it is to find a cheap pair of jeans in Tokyo. The Scouts absorbed this, and they seemed to calm down a bit. Luna nodded, then turned her glare back on the two girls. "All right, how did you two get here? And how do you know who we are?" Renee looked at Lauren again, and they sighed. "It's a looooong story..." said Renee.

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