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Part 1 -- Deja Vu At The Pond
by Renee-chan and L.M. Griffin

It was a beautiful, and surprisingly normal, day in Tokyo. No weird monster-like creatures running around attacking the populace, no witch-like hags screaming "You'll never see the last of me!", no strange girls in short skirts yelling, "In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!", in short, it was a normal day in Tokyo. But wait a minute, having those things happening would be a normal day in Tokyo! OK, so it was an unusual day in Tokyo!

Two young lovers stood on a dock by a pond, in one of the more beautiful parks in Tokyo. The young girl sighed in the man's embrace, "Oh Muffin. It's such a perfect day." The young man smiled, "Hopefully, it won't turn out as eventful as the last outing we had at this pond, Meatball Head..." Serena smiled and blushed, remembering the events following the arrival of their daughter from the future. They leaned in close for a kiss...

Suddenly, all hell broke lose! Two screaming girls fell from the sky wailing "Mommy!!!!!" Serena and Darien looked up and flinched, "Not again! This is just too much deja vu!" One of the unfortunate girls landed face first in the pond on the side of the dock. The more fortunate of the girls landed sprawled on Darien, on the dock itself.

Serena spluttered and yelled, "Oh no! Not again! Get off my Muffin, you boyfriend-smusher! What are you, another relative from the future!?!" Renee slowly picked herself up off Darien, smiling and chuckling all the while, "Thanks for breaking my fall!" she giggled. As she levered herself off the deck, Darien got a good look at her, probably better than he should have, as her upper body moved past his face. He gulped and thought, "I think a cold shower is going to be in order..." The young woman had a petite frame, she couldn't have been more than 5 feet tall, her golden-chestnut tresses hung teasingly down her back, past her hips, while her aquamarine eyes seemed to have a constant laugh hidden behind their depths. Her baggy jeans and greatly oversized sweatshirt easily hid the more interesting attributes of her small body, as if she were somewhat self-conscious of them.

At Serena's insistent tugging, Darien dragged his eyes away from the new arrival. At this time, the second girl came sputtering up for air, and dragged herself onto the dock. She stood, dripping, and looking generally bedraggled. She pointed an accusing finger at Renée and screamed, "You got to land on Darien! How come you got to land on him????" Her brown curls plastered against her neck, her hazel eyes flashing, this girl stood about 5 and a half feet tall. She was more sturdily built than her companion, and her attributes were clearly defined by her soaked clothing. Darien was having serious trouble keeping his attention on Serena.

Renee sputtered, "Hey! It isn't my fault that I got to land on Darien! It just happened that way!" then she snickered, "Hope you didn't scare any- Hey! Wait a Minute!!! DARIEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Renee and Lauren stared at each other in shock, then Lauren's attention abruptly shifted to a shocked Serena. Lauren cried, "Oh my God! It's MEATBALL HEAD!!!!!!!!!!"

Serena's face went from shocked to glaringly angry as Renée and Lauren turned to each other and said, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Lauren suddenly let out a huge whoop and starting singing the Sailor Moon Theme Song at the top of her lungs.

As Lauren approached the first verse, two huge sweatdrops appeared on Darien and Serena's heads. Lauren abruptly stopped singing and turned to Renee. She saw that Renee was also staring at the sweatdrops. Finally, they caught each other's eyes and said, "Oh my goodness! The sweatdrops really do exist!" Then they both fell to the dock, giggling like maniacs.

As Renee and Lauren were busy having hysterics, the other Scouts ran up from the park to find out what all the commotion was. When Serena and Darien finished explaining things, Rei sweatdropped. At the new sweatdrop, Renee and Lauren (who had just started to calm down), dissolved into giggles again. Rei glared at her friend Serena and exclaimed, "What now! Did the two of you have twins in the future????!!!"

Upon hearing this Renee and Lauren sprang up and yelled, "Hey! I resent that!"

Serena, noticing that Darien's attention was once again fixed on the new arrivals, said to Renee, "I think that maybe we should get your friend into some dry clothes!!" Lauren looked down at herself and said, "I think that would be an excellent idea!" Renée stared at Serena and said, "Serena? Having a good idea? Whoa..." Rei looked up in surprise and said, "Yes! I like this one!" Serena started bawling and said, "Rei! Why are you always so meeeeean to me!" Lauren yelled, "Quick! Everyone behind me! I'm already wet!"

Everyone sweatdropped and Renee again burst into giggles. A huge grin broke out across Rei's face as she said, "Gosh. I like this one, too!"

Ami, who had been plugging away at her computer, said, "Guys, check this out. The hole that these girls fell through is giving off very similar energy readings to the one that allowed Reeny to travel in time. It isn't quite the same, but it is more than likely that the same person was responsible for both."

Serena muttered off to the side, "Oh great. They're not from the Negaverse. I guess that that means that I can't moondust 'em!" Mina, having caught the remark, said, "Serena! That's not a very nice thing to say! They're new arrivals here! We should make them feel welcome!"

Serena answered, "Mina. They landed on my Muffin and called me Meatball Head. I don't wanna be nice!" Lauren smirked at Renee, "Actually, only one of us landed on "your Muffin", Serena," she then added, "Lucky duck." Renee stuck her tongue out and said, "Speak for yourself, Lauren!" Not wishing to be outdone, Lauren promptly stuck her tongue out at Renee, and they stood there like that, not moving. The Scouts heard a muttered explicative as Luna and Artemis approached the group. Luna said, with great exasperation, "Serena! Rei! When are you two going to grow up! Stop that this instant!" Artemis stared at the two girls and said, "Luna, take a closer look - no meatballs - that is definitely not Serena, and I doubt that the taller one is Rei, because Rei's standing right next to you!"

At this point, Renee and Lauren heard Luna and Artemis. They broke off the tongue war and exclaimed, "Luna and Artemis! Oh wow!!! Moon Kitties!!!!!" With that, they each grabbed one of the cats and started to cuddle. Lita interrupted their moment of joy, "How do you know their names? And why did you call them Moon Kitties? Are you from our past? On the Moon?"

This time it was Lauren and Renee's turn to sweatdrop. They dropped the cats as they realized that they had no idea what to tell the Sailor Scouts. It was then that they noticed the sweatdrops on each other's brow. They dissolved into giggles once again. Serena groaned, "Get over it!" Lauren stared at Serena and said, "This from the girl who obsesses over food and video games! She's telling me to get over something!?!" Lauren flipped her right hand up, turned her head away and said, "Puh-lease. I don't wanna hear it! Just talk to the hand!"

Suddenly, a loud scream came from the park. The Scouts stared at Lauren and Renee and then at each other. Lauren said, "Oh don't mind us, go ahead and transform." Renee added, "Yeah, we already know who you are - so just go, I don't know, fight the bad guy, or whatever it is that you plan to do." The girls looked surprised and shrugged. They began to transform. Lauren and Renee eagerly glanced in Darien's direction - hoping to catch the ever rare Tuxedo Mask Transformation. Renee let out a mew of disappointment when they saw that Darien was already standing there in his white tie and tails, not to mention the ever-present cape and top hat.

Sailor Moon's glare pierced the backs of Lauren and Renee's heads. The two girls turned around, embarrassed. "Sorry..." they muttered. Sailor Moon said, "That's better!" Luna said, "Sereeeena! Go and get the youma! Stop worrying about these two and get going!"

The Scouts, trailed by Lauren, Renee, and the cats, ran off towards the depths of the park. The Scouts jumped through the bushes, and Moon began her traditional speech. She didn't get very far, as a rather irritated Renee said, "Oh quit it already! You're not intimidating anyone with that stuff! All you're doing is giving the youma time to get into a better attack position!! Just shut up and blast the thing!!" Moon looked like she was about to bawl again, but got herself together and turned to face Renee. "Now look, I'm Sailor Moon here! I've been at this a little bit longer than you! Now just stand there like the innocent bystander that you are, and let me do the moondusting!!"

Lauren stared at Renee, "Is it just me, or did Meatball Head just develop a backbone?" Renee answered, "HAH! That'll be the day!" Lauren said, "Hey wait a minute, isn't that Molly and Melvin getting attacked by the youma over there?" Renee replied, "It figures. If there's a Negaverse attack, they've got to be drained at one point or another. Maybe we should go get them..." Lauren said thoughtfully, "Noooo, wouldn't it make more sense to call an ambulance? Or the police?" Renee nodded, and they went off to look for a phone.

Once the creature was 'dusted', the Scouts, Tux, and the cats looked around to notice the disappearance of the two rather conspicuous newcomers. "Where the hell did they go?" asked Jupiter. There was no need to ask who the 'they' were, Lauren and Renee were on everyone's minds.

Luna said, "I'm worried girls. They're strangers here, and they know who you are. We can't just have them wandering around alone. Goodness knows what kind of trouble they might get into. We should go look for them." The Scouts let out a collective groan and started to search the city. Before she left, Sailor Moon turned to Tuxedo Mask, "OK Darien. I give up. I love that pond in the park, but you are never getting me to go there again! God knows what would fall out of the sky next time!" Darien nodded in agreement and said, "You're right, I definitely don't think it's worth the risk - next time we'll go somewhere safer - like the Negaverse." They smiled and ran off to search.

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