Misdirections Here we go! As promised, I found time and wrote a kinder opening paragraph. Aren't you all relieved? :D Anyway, this piece is a collaboration effort between myself and my dear friend, Lauren Griffin. Everyone in the Prologue except Sailor Pluto, belong to us. For those of you who have read The Generals' Hour (shameless plug for my other fanfic), this 'fic is much less serious, and definitely less dark/depressing. If you have any questions or comments, e-mail one of us! For now, on with the show...!

Misdirections – Prologue
by Renee-chan and L.M. Griffin

Lauren looked up in amusement as Renee bustled about the small room. How a college dorm room could be so small and still house two people never ceased to amuse her. Renee spoke from where her head was stuck in the refrigerator, “Lauren, did I already give you the Diet Coke, or did it get up and walk out of the fridge?”

Lauren laughed, “No Renee, it's right over here.”

“Oh yeah,” she paused, “Then what the heck was I lookin' for?”

Lauren sighed, “The remote control?”

“Oh yeah. Why was I looking for it in the fridge?”

“Because it wasn't on your bed, in your hamper, or in the closet. You know Renee, as much as I love you, you can be such a ditz sometimes,” with that Lauren got up and plucked the remote control off the top of the TV where it had been sitting the whole time. She dangled it in front of Renee's face and Renee slapped herself in the forehead, “Doh!”

Lauren laughed, “You know, Renee, if you were a Japanese anime character you'd have a monster huge sweatdrop on your face right now...” she paused and then said, “And speaking of which, isn't it time we started our Sailor Moon Marathon?”

They both slapped each other a high five and chorused, “All right! Sailor Moon Rocks!!” Then Renee added, “And I managed to fix my first Sailor Moon tape! Crazy Glue is a great invention, isn't it?” she sighed. “All right, checklist time!”

Lauren smiled, “Ready, willing, and able!”

“All right! Soda?”

{giggle} “Check!”



“Plates, napkins, and cups?”

“Check, check, and check!”

“Remote Control?”

{giggle} “Check!”

“I think we're all set! Let's get to it!”

With that final statement, Renee flung herself down on her beanbag chair next to Lauren, who started enthusiastically bobbing up and down, humming the Sailor Moon Theme Song. Renee turned a look of disgust on her friend and said, “Lauren...”

Lauren closed her mouth, “OK, I'll be good!” They were Renee's tapes after all, Lauren sure didn't want to get kicked out before she saw them. They turned to each other, nodded their heads, Renee raised the remote control, and pressed Play. Nothing happened. A mournful wail rose in their throats. Lauren cried, “I thought you said you fixed it!”

“I did! It was working this morning!”

“Now I'll never see “Crystal Clear Destiny”!”

Renee's eyes suddenly went wide. She poked Lauren in the side and whispered, “Lauren. Lauren!” Lauren looked up, “WHAT!” Renee, still staring, said, “Look at the TV screen.”

Lauren looked and said, “Hey! Who's the green-haired chick?”

Renee's eyes narrowed in thought, “Hey isn't that Sailor Pluto?”

“Sailor Pluto? She doesn't come in until after the Reeny thing! I thought you didn't have those tapes!” her eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Renee yelped, “I don't! I don't!...OUCH! What was that for?”

“I didn't do any- OUCH! Wait a minute! It's the chick in the TV! She's pulling us in...!!!!!! AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!”

Before either girl could even scream for their mommies, they were sucked into the TV screen by the chick with long, green hair.

The Graveyard | Part 1
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