7/30/04: And in honor of my genki exuberance... A 15 minute ficlet from last week! And... er... slightly slash/yaoi? Kind of? *sweatdrop* But nothing explicit. Really! ^_^ I wasn't even going to do it, I was just looking to look... but the word just fit my mood so perfectly... I couldn't resist! *eg*

Just some harmless fluff, in which our favorite CCD boys have some fun... and are slightly out of character... *sweatdrop*

The word (#64): Bathtub
by Renee-chan

"I refuse to believe that this is kosher. Absolutely refuse. How on Earth did you talk me into this?"

"Because I'm a very persuasive individual and you love me. Now get into the tub."


The voice takes on a gentle tone, "You've been far too tense lately. You need to relax. Now get into the tub."

More silence.

Exasperation. "You are too stubborn for your own good. There is nothing wrong with what we're doing here. I love you. You love me. You've seen me naked. I've seen you naked." Pause. Leer. "And besides, I'm not going to do anything. It's just a bath. Hot water. Soap. Good company. It'll be fun!"

Yet more silence.

Throws hands up in despair. "What can I say that will convince you?"


Snort. "No dear. That's your line."


"And you say it so well..." Chuckle. "Well, even I can see that this is getting us nowhere." Sigh. "I don't understand what your problem is. We've showered together a hundred times! What is so different about this?"

Horrified look. "But Nokoru... There are bubbles in the water!"

Sweatdrop. "You must be kidding me. That's your only problem?"

Hard swallow. "It just isn't natural."

Threatening voice. "Suoh..." Slowly advancing steps.

"Nokoru? Nokoru, what are you...? Nokoru! Get away from me!"


Satisfied smirk. "Hey Suoh... If you wash my back, I'll wash yours..." Leer.

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